“Power To Change is a great book for people who are dealing with addictions. It is full of life-changing and godly principles that everyone who desires change must read – both for laity and clergy. After reading this book I purchased a case and made them available to people I counsel.”

-Rob Lee, Pastor and Police Chaplain
“Power To Change is a very interesting and helpful book!”

-U.S. Soldier, Iraq
“It gives you tools to overcome the past and become the person you always knew you were destined to be."

-Steve Rutledge, President of Lightstone Communications
“I’m thirty-four years old, and I’ve been drinking for about twenty years. I experienced extremely painful withdrawals. My life was lost. Then, someone gave me a copy of Power To Change. I prayed, and God took my will, my life and my pain. This book has given me new hope, a new look at life. I am a new person today!”

“Power To Change is a remarkable book. It has made a big difference in my life. And now, I have a new purpose, and that is, to serve my Lord Jesus Christ!”

-Tina Marie
“A hilarious but truthful work sprinkled with stories that help readers clearly understand life changing concepts.

-Cindee Larson